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What Are The Benefits After Jailbreaking iPad - Technology - Cell Phones

With jailbreak all of your iPad wishes come true like downloading and installing applications, customizing iPad settings, tethering iPad with laptop or computer, etc.

May be some users think that jailbreaking is lengthy and hard process. In fact, it is very easy.

Why do people jailbreak iPad?

Firstly there are no restrictions over jailbreaking process and moreover device becomes more powerful after jailbreaking. You can change the look of your device by customizing it. Think of downloading those applications that can't even provided by application store. You will have full control on your device. You can use it as you want.

1) Install third-party applications: There are so many applications that are banned by Apple due to their own reasons. After jailbreaking you can install applications and run them without any limitations.Lets have some examples of it:

One can download You Tube videos and can save them to your iPad.You can stream songs and videos from Mac over Wi-Fi.The main advantage is to capture videos and photos even if the device doesn't have a built in camera.

You can send text messages and make phone calls.

After jailbreaking you can move icons into folders for organizing thousands of applications.

It helps to transfer the files between computer, iPad and other devices.

2) Customize iPad: If you are bored with the old standard wallpapers, springboard and icons, you can jailbreak your device more cooler by using your favorite pictures and media files.

3) iPad Tethering: For sharing data plan and Internet connection, you can connect your iPhone, laptop or other devices. Just unlock iPad and tether iPad to laptop, iPhone to iPad or with iPhone.

4) Much more advantages: Like multiple accounts, multi-tasking, unrestricted 3G privileges and no roaming charges.

Untethered jailbreak with RedSn0w: It allows you to jailbreak iPad, iPhone and iPod and also run a payload directly on the iOS device as a ram-disk. After your device is jailbroken, you will have the third-party application installer called Cydia which allows you to download tweaks and applications.

Supported devices: iPad, iPhone 4/3GS, iPod Touch.Supported iOS firmware: jailbreak 4.3.3.Supported iTunes version: Its better to download latest version of iTunes.Operating system: Windows and Mac.


1) Download Redsn0w, compatible with Windows and Macs and launch it.

2) Search for the firmware that you have downloaded earlier, browse it and click on "next". Let Redsn0w to perform jailbreaking.

3) Install Cydia application on your device. After this turn off your device and attach it to the PC or computer. Click on the "next button". Follow the instructions properly and carefully.

4) Put your device into DFU mode by holding power and home button for 10 seconds. Release power button only not home button until Redsn0w identifies your device.

5) iPad Jailbreaking process will start automatically. When it is done, reboot your iPad and when you will see the Cydia application on your iPad's home screen then it means that now you can download anything you want.

Process of jailbreaking is very simple and you can jailbreak your device without taking any help but if you still need help you can consult to your retailer.

Jailbreak iPad 2

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