Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to Do iPhone Unlocking - Technology

Unlocking an iPhone is not really rocket science. You do not have to be an engineer or a computer savvy just to jailbreak iphones easily. All you need to know are some simple steps to unlock your phone. There are many ways for you to jailbreak phones but the best one is through the use of your SIM. This step by step guide to unlocking an iPhone's SIM card is very easy and you can virtually do it easily so that you can use your phone for other networks. Sometimes, you really need to know how to do jailbreak iphones easily and how to unlock a SIM especially when you are going to another country. Since other countries use a different network, you need to integrate your phone with the network of your target country. Phones, especially iPhones, are designed to have only one network. Most of them are designed to only run to a single GSM network while others are primarily added in monthly plans. This means that the phones that the networks would be providing in their monthly plan s are designed to run in a single network. That is why you would need to know how to unlock your phone.

In most sites, there is a demonstrated method in iPhone unlocking. However, their demonstrations would surely kill your wallet since you need to pay for the programs and the videos that you will be using. If you want to do it the easy way and you do not want to pay anything else then you can follow this simple tutorial. Before you start, you need to turn off your iTunes helper program because that program would have a significant effect in your operation. Make sure that your iTunes is off, to do this move to OS X's Activity screen in the utilities folder of your Applications folder. Browse down and you will see the iTunes Helper and then press the Quit Process command. This is actually the first step in iPhone unlocking so you really need to follow it. Once that is done you need to get your data cable and you need to set up a Wi-Fi connection in your computer. You will then need a program called AppTapp. This modification program would be used in order for you to unlock yo ur phone.

Once the program is running, you will need to do is to check the Firmware version of your phone. Usually, 1.0.2 is the versions preferred then press Continue. Once that is done you will see that the program is installed in your phone. You will now need to install pawnage tools, Redsn0w and then Once you get those software programs, you need to set your Auto-Lock to never. You will also need to get your IP address in your IPhone. The address can be seen in the settings of your phone. If you get the address, you will need to use Redsn0w. In this program, you only need to drag and run the unlock file of the program. You will then need to remove the SIM card and use the Unlock program. iPhone unlocking would usually be around 20 minutes, so after that is done you would see that your phone is now unlocked.

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