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Two Important Methods To Jailbreak iPhone 4.4.1 - Technology - Cell Phones

Are you interested in knowing the Jailbreak iPhone 4.4.1? If you want to do, you must read this article. I will provide you useful tips about this creative innovation- and you can also get some easy methods to jailbreak your device.

Jailbreak make your iPhone much better:

There are thousands of applications that you can use in Apple devices. From games to themes, to music and other features can be get after jailbreaking your device. You can get whatever application you want in your iPhone.

Here are some of the jailbreak iPhone methods that you can use to jailbreak your own device.

Manual Chip Installation:

1) Turn your iPhone off- Your iPhone should not be connected with an electric socket or with your PC. If you sure sure about this then move to the next step.

2) Open your device: Do not scratch your iPhone or mess with it, just open it up.

3) Insert a computer chip in the motherboard of your iPhone: You need to place a chip in the proper area with full concentration otherwise this method will not work and even it can cause damage to your device.

4) Close your iPhone: After inserting the chip close your device by fixing all the screws in their original place.

5) Switch it on: Now turn your iPhone on and check if it is rebooting properly.

6) Download some applications: After rebooting iPhone try to download some of the applications, to get an idea whether the iPhone is successfully jailbroken or not?

7) Repeat steps again: In case, you are not able to download applications then check the position of chip which you have inserted earlier. And again download something. If you are able to do so, then jailbreak is successful.

Direct Software Installation:

1) Your first step is to download newer iOS and a new version of iTunes and well reputed jailbreak software for your iPhone. Make sure the software must be compatible with both Mac and Windows.

2) Its time to update your device manually.

3) Now search for an Apple IPSW file which can be compatible with your iPhone version.

4) Once you get the firmware file, download it. Save this file in a proper location so that, you can find it easily whenever you required or it is better to save it in a desktop.

5) Open iTunes to detect your device. If you see the message of update then ignore it.

6) In your iPhone, two messages will be appear- one is update and other restore. In this case you need to select restore and at the same time hold the shift button. A new dialogue box will open where you will be bale to select IPSW file that you have downloaded earlier. Due to this iTunes will automatically configure your device.

7) If this process is done, start the jailbreak software that was downloaded earlier and also open an Apple firmware. Then press "Next".

8) Install Cydia that will perform multi-tasking features.

9) Turn off your device, and attach it to your PC. Get your iPhone into DFU mode.

10) Your last and final step is to restart your iPhone to make the jailbreak successful.

Jailbreaking process is very simple to use. All you need to choose an appropriate software for making your device successfully jailbroken.

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