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Three Of Apple IPad 2 Skills Allow Beginners With No Worries - Technology - Information Technology

To keep or not, I always think that the magic of science and technology. Today, Apple iPad tablet computer is just like the Nintendo Game Boy becoming popular around the world. We are seeing more and more people are playing on the iPad, and sales of products led discussion atmosphere application. Good software is always the user's attention and to share. When using the iPad 2, you have a good skill to share? If you do not mind, you can look to the software. And then you can decide who has the right to choose.

For many users, 2, although Apple iPad leave a good first impression after using it for a while, they find that Tablet PC is a big difference in software installation, download music all aspects such as how to transfer music iPad to the computer, how to transfer the computer to iPad news, etc. from the PC. in particular the use of Apple's iTunes to sync, which is a nightmare for beginners. We can not put all the questions that are pushed to iTunes, will not break the standards people-oriented science and technology. Today we present three techniques to help you solve these problems with the basics.

Compared directly with Windows drag and drop "music files, iTunes" sync "is a puzzle with the process may be difficult. Sometimes you may accidentally put the music stored previously. For this, the number of newcomers who introduced A similar program powerful multimedia - MediaMonkey, you no longer have a music management system, conversion, combustion of these features may help Apple device to synchronize music, which are now concentrating. With him You can get music from simple computer cases.

Once the software installation, first set the MediaMonkey Music Library, which is the approximate location of computer music, for example, you can choose to "D: " or E ": Music" set after the music library can be in the Library (Library) at the location (local) to see the music file by computer, to synchronize with the Apple iPad, just select and click the right mouse button, move the cursor to "Send To" (send), select your iPhone and click the left button. (The Apple iPad access to a computer failure MediaMonkey starts automatically and the recognition device)

Since digital equipment, the Apple iPad, though often borrowed from someone else to play with? If an album with photos, micro-blog, email, video or application does not share with others how you can unlock? Locktopus a gadget can help you solve this problem, it is very easy to use as the official "restriction" Hide icon method to help many.

In July of this year, foreign Dev Team hackers successfully escape from the Apple iPad 2, which is due within a global frenzy Jailbreak, a myriad of offices, schools, "white" and "The Master" will help to escape, but when you jailbreak, install the software and the iPad 2 became a problem because in addition to music synchronization, is the Apple iPad to install software to use the same iTunes, love and hatred of people of a formal procedure.

If you still can not play iTunes or total peripheral white to install a new game, you can use the iPhone software files, the final installation process, will provide convenience for future applications.

Now, after learning of the three software that copies the music, the application and set up a portable Wi-Fi, flat, and guard their secrets is not an obstacle. If you have any advice on how to move, just like the iPad, a new computer, how to transfer music from your Mac iPad, etc., or other software, you can only share in the next bulletin.

Jailbreak iPad 2

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