Saturday, October 8, 2011

When you meet Windows IPAD

IPAD If you love Windows, but also love, do not be afraid. There are already some connections between them, albeit with varying degrees of reliability.
There are already several applications that allow IPAD users to remotely control your computer with Windows. One, PocketCloud from Wyse, is working with Remote Desktop Connection, which is built into Windows XP, Vista and 7 That aos at $29.99, and even lets you view Flash content from your computer, though, Aore ready to leave your computer turned on and online just in case you come across a troublesome spot on the IPAD.
Another option is Desktop Connect , the price of $11.99, although the list aos low price. As well as detailing the benefits usually remote access to computer manufacturers note that it allows you to control and view PowerPoint presentations on the IPAD. It can also be used to access iTunes on a PC, which can be useful for those with collections that dwarf IPAD, capacity of AOS. How to Remote Desktop Connection, Connect Desktop application also works with the Virtual Network Connection found at high-end version of Windows. In less reliable news, there are reports that the highly dubious security update for Windows 7 released last week allows you to jailbreak IPAD. The claim is that it does not, aos security hole in versions of Safari that ships with the device, caused by the uncertainty of whether Flash will be enabled. Apparently, Adobe then made Microsoft aware of this vulnerability and use it in Microsoft security updates.
is, it is difficult to know what aos, aos more suspicious of this story: Microsoft idea of intentionally using an Apple bug, or slightly unconventional writing style used in the reports. We ll just say that if readers were BLORGE IPAD was automatically jailbroken by Windows 7, we want to hear about it.
There is certainly some crossover between Windows and jailbreaking but this clip, which seems to arise, users of Windows 95 on the IPAD:
Which raises two questions: how and why?

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