Friday, October 7, 2011

Flash available on your iPad now!

How to watch flash vidoes on iPad. Now it is not a proplem anymore. iPad can install the iPad Flash Player - "Frash" after jailbreak. So you can watch Flash video and Flash website on your iPad now.
Can iPad Play the Flash ?

The Android version of Adobe Flash Player has been appear in the Google Market as a separate client package, but until now, the iOS still not support the Flash, so you can't view the video which made by Flash. However, there is a good news for the users of iPhone and iPad, they may be can watch the Flash Video or view the website Flash through the "Frash" - a iPad Flash Player.

What is Frash ?

Frash is a iPad Flash Player which is developed by the Android developers, and it is modified from the Android version of Flash Player and provide the the jailbreaked iPad. It is similar to the Android version, this iPad Flash Player remains a separate installation package, after installation, it allows the built-in Safari browser support the current most of Flash program. And iPad Frash currently only supports installation on the iPad. In the future, it will support the iPhone and latest iOS.

Other Solutions for iPad Play FlashExcept install the iPad Flash Player, the developer also thought convert Flash content into the format that iOS support by both JavaScript and HTML 5 web technology. There is a browser plug-in which be called "Smokescreen" that allows Flash content display properly on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.More information can be found online at,ipad-flash-player.html

Jailbreak iPad 2

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