Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to Unlock and Jailbreak iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4 with ease - Technology - Cell Phones

Best 5 benefits of Unlocking your iPhone Today! Unlocking your iPhone is arguably one of the first steps you should take after getting your iPhone. If you have purchased your iPhone bundled together with a network carriers as millions of people in America have done, chances are that your iPhone has been locked by your carrier. What does this mean? This implies that your iPhone will be destined to use the network carrier's SIM card and cannot function with any carrier's SIM cards. This process is intended to unnecessarily tie users to a network carrier's plans and forbid you from using their hardware with their competitors.

Unlocking your iPhone breaks this protection and offers owners a suite of benefits.

1. Higher second-hand value Nobody wants to buy a phone which can only be used on a single network. If you're anything like me and upgrades phones regularly, selling away your old phones may be a good way to recover your costs.

2. Option to switch to cheaper network plans The option to switch to a cheaper plan from another network at anytime can prove to be a great way to safe costs. After your contract has expired, if you would like to switch to another carrier who offers a more competitive rate for their phone or data plans. This is a highly likely scenario due to the high level of competition between the carriers and the sliding prices of network connectivity with every year. With costs savings every month, you're sure to gain in the longer run. Unlocking your phone gives you the benefit of switching to a cheaper network plan at anytime.

3. Option to switch network providers Other network providers may not always offer the cheapest price for their plans. However, level of customer service, policies, speed and reception may be equally enticing factors you have to consider when deciding whether to switch network providers. This is only possible with an unlocked iPhone.

4. Flexibility when travelling Often, it may be more cost effective for you to use a national network carrier when overseas. In doing so, you will probably need to fork out some cash for a prepaid SIM card, but in the process saving a ton of unnecessary costs as you will no longer need to use roaming fees. Roaming charges can be a killer especially for data charges, and having an unlocked phone will allow you to insert a local operator's SIM card in your phone, which could be considerably cheaper, especially if your trip is longer than 3 days.

5. Retain your current phone when switching carriers If you have an unlocked iPhone, you will no longer need to acquire another one when switching to a new carrier. You can simply sign up for their plans that come without a contract. By doing so, you can avoid being locked in by your new carrier and still be free to keep the favorite phone which have grown to love and enjoy. Such benefits could prove to be very beneficial for users who would like to upgrade often, or simply do not like a particular carrier. Whatever the reason, its definitely beneficial to unlock your iPhone today.

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  1. Well ! There are a lot of techniques available to unlock iphone 3gs/4/3 :
    1. By using unlocking software like cydia
    2. Imei unlocking method
    3. To unlock iphone from service provider
    4. By using Remote unlocking service which is available at