Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jailbreak iPad to Use it to Its Full Potential

If you are considering buying an iPad, it is advisable that you read a good iPad review first. Not that you would be in for a huge disappointment. To the contrary, many claim that Apple have outdone themselves with this new gadget and you can deduct from most iPad reviews that you'll be in for a truly enjoyable experience with this new product. The truth is that we couldn't possibly expect any less from Apple. You will probably be impressed with the improvements that this product brings compared to the iPhone, for instance. Having a proprietary operating system, the iPad is easy to use in combination with other Apple products. The first impression you get from this gadget is a very good one. Not only does it look really good, but it lives up to Apple's high standards in terms of hardware. Of course, we could expect no less from the iPad hardware. As for the software, the iPad has many similarities to its iPhone counterpart, but also comes with many notable improvements. If yo u are the proud owner of an iPad, everything that's been said so far is useless to you. This short presentation may only help you rest assured that you have made a good choice, as all iPad news and reviews speak of how great the product is. What you probably don't know is how much more you could do with this gadget if you were able to unlock it. It should come as no surprise that the iPad features a locked down file system which enables Apple to be in control of what this device can perform. After all, the same happened with the iPhone. Of course, everyone would like to be able to make the most use of this product, but this can only happen if you unlock its file system or, simply put, jailbreak iPad. An ordinary iPad user would probably settle for the given features of the device which are very good in themselves. But if you have the chance to do something more with it, why not take it? The only thing you have to do is look for information on how to jailbreak iPad. And such information is widely available. There are two programs available for the iPad jailbreak, and these are Spirit and Blackra1n. The great news about using Spirit jailbreak is that it will enable you to run whatever iPad programs you want even if they are not in the Apple Apps Store. However, there are some requirements when using Spirit to jailbreak iPad, especially in terms of the firmware that your device is using. As for the other solution for iPad jailbreak, namely Blackra1n, it allows you to fully unlock your device. This means that you can use any carrier you want and store as many unapproved apps as you like. Similar to some extent, these two programs that can jailbreak iPad are different in that the former is untethered whilst the latter is a tethered program. The programs may not be infallible at this stage but the good news is that both of them are being continuously worked on for any errors that may occur. Besides, the operating system is the same for both iPhone an d iPad, and the former has already been successfully jailbroken, which means that you soon be able to unlock your iPad and use it to its fullest.
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